Federal Protective Service - You Can Photograph That Federal Building

  • Jan 27, 2011
  • Photography, Federal, Permission
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen

A friend of mine over at Anotherlite.com pointed out an article on New York Times Lens Blog. We had a hell of a time printing the PDF, so I pulled it out of the source and have reposted the PDF here.

‘See, Officer, I Can Too Take That Picture’ By DAVID W. DUNLAP is a great article.  It provides some information and the PDF to help you take that picture of that federal building you have always wanted to photograph.  Along with the knowledge of the article, and a copy of the file in your camera bag, it should help you keep your camera gear and you out of the hands of the police. Though keep in mind "Reasonable Cause" can always be used against you!

You Can Photograph That Federal Building