Free services vs Do It Yourself AKA New Skool web sites vs Old School

  • Oct 9, 2011
  • Mura, New Skool, Old School, Free Services
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen

Ever wonder if the New Skool way of web site building is taking over the web?  There are many services that offer free (or low cost) instant web sites, with "Drag and Drop" functionality, "Does everything" and has you up and running in minutes!

The other side, the Old School way, of web site building requires some more time, a little more technical know how, and some real thought process.

Which is right for you?

There are plenty of services that offer Free or low cost services.  I will only mention the products that I support, well that would be none... I know I'm biased!  Though I am more Old School, I can still see the reasoning behind these New Skool web site building tools.  They require no to little technical know how, little to no cost, and it provides instant gratification.  Kind a seems natural for a lot of people.  Get something free, instantly.  And that is when the site either dies, or if the site truly becomes something that is going to live on, the creator realizes, they should have done something else. They should have gone Old School web site, spent some money, and really thought it through. I have tried many of the free to low cost services and they were really great for a Blog, a Photo gallery, or a bunch of web pages.  Though when I wanted to take the next step, customize the look, have a combination of services, and basically wanting more control because I wanted to expand what I wanted to provide on the site, these free services failed.

Ok, I'm one sided, but if you are truly honest with yourself and think it through, you will see Old School will win over New Skool.  I have been building web sites, assisting people with web sites (helping build them or build/find their online presence) for over 15 years.  And every person I have dealt with always wants more.  It never fails!  Initially it is the "I want it free, and I want it now." This usually means a couple of web pages and a custom e-mail address. Then like clockwork, 6-9 months later they either want to have a blog, photo gallery, they want a custom look (because their annoying neighbor now has a site that looks better than theirs), or they want to start selling online. Now they are finding that they have to pay more, change services, and/or find a big enough band-aid and a roll of duct tape to piecemeal their site together.  It is also at this point people find out how much work a web site and a web presence really takes.

So I leave you with my fifth of a dime, when you build your web site, and want a real presence on the web, go Old School and use a product that gives you all the functionality you could need! I recommend Mura! Ya, I know, I'm biased, but there are other products out there! Mura just happens to have a lot of functionality that is going to grow with you over time.