Google Wave

  • Nov 14, 2009
  • Google, Google wave
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen

Just received an invite to Google Wave and really like it!  Here are the current Cons and Pros.  (Just starting with the Cons to be different.)


  • Can't have Waves with people that do not have Wave accounts. Yet...
  • Settings... doesn't do anything...?
  • You might need a wide screen.  1680 x 1050 looks great, but it could look bad on a smaller resolution.
  • Slight delays in saving (clicking Done), editing, moving... It has taken 45 seconds to two minutes from clicking Done to having the Blip (Or what was that thing called?) show up in the inbox.


  • Overall, works well, and is a great alternative to regular e-mail
  • Adding/editing text works great
  • Adding images, video, the Yes, No, Maybe widget, embedding video, and adding maps works great and is actually quick!  It is quicker to have all the stuff in the wave than it is saving...
  • Minimizing of the boxes is a nice touch, it allows you to have more room if needed.

Overall Wave is really cool, and it will be nice to see it grow and expand.

*Update, Google basically shut down Wave and I ended up not using it after a while because I couldn't get any of my contacts to use it.  It just didn't catch on...