iPhone Ftp On The Go

  • Jul 19, 2009
  • iPhone, apps
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen


This has become a life saver!  I know that $6.99 is a little much for an app for the iPhone but I can't belive the things that I can do with this app.  Purchasing this app is like purchasing 5 or more apps.

  1. FTP - I am using this to get my photos onto my website.  I can upload as JPG or PNG, rename the file, and change the size!
  2. Create file, create directory, and Via FTP you can rename files too!
  3. The whole saving files to your phone is a life saver if you need a copy with you!
  4. Edit text files on your iPhone! I don't have to use it that often, but is very nice to use when away from a laptop and the web page has to be updated now!
  5. Built in web browser.  View your newly uploaded content without leaving the app!
  6. Share files! I don't have any files to share, but this is very cool feature.
  7. And you can do all of these via VPN!  The other ftp apps I tried/purchased wouldn't work over my works' VPN...

I highly recomend this app.  And I like the app so much I bought more apps from Headlight Software.

Check out more info at FTP on the go!