Mura 5.5 and the iPad

  • Nov 9, 2011
  • Mura, Mura 5.5, iOS, iPad
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen

Entering basic text - yes

Formatting text - yes

Inserting an image - yes

Starting to notice that things are starting to run slow. The keyboard is reacting slowly and can easily out type the display of text.

Linking - yes

Noticed that uploading from the device is deactivated but browsing for it works.  This is ok because there are plenty of apps that allow the FTPing of images or documents.

Selecting an insert point or is a little difficult and using the backspace actually does two not one.

  • Testing bullet points
  • Reaction time is a little slow
  • And doesn't auto capitalize

For the most part everything works fairly well, a little slow and the double backspace can get real annoying if you are a bad typist/speller like me :)

And the last cool part is that the content area doesn't get scrollbars, but grows to fit the content area, now that is plain cool.

Side note, there are a couple of time the screen has jumped to the top while typing and I think it the iPad trying to auto correct my spelling.