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1. Mura 6 is great, but Mura 6.1 is even better!

Using Mura 6 has been great but Mura 6.1 is even better!

Tags: Mura, Mura 6, Mura 6.1
By Stephen "Stick" Hazzen
2. New Theme and Mura 6

Spent a whole weekend building a new theme.  The base is the MuraBootstrap with some insperations from Themeforest and a couple purchased graphic packs.  Some customizations had to be made.

Tags: Mura Updates, Mura customizations, Mura, Mura 6
3. Long time for a post

Wow, long time since he last post.  Been busy at the real job converting a huge web site into many Mura web sites.  The last post was about Mura 5.5, since then 5.5 has come out and I have heard rumors about Mura 6.0? What!?

Tags: Mura
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen
4. Mura 5.5 and the iPad

The new Mura 5.5 boasts functioonality with iOS 5 device, such as the iPad 2. Read more to find out our findings.

Tags: Mura, Mura 5.5, iOS, iPad
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen
5. Free services vs Do It Yourself AKA New Skool web sites vs Old School

Ever wonder if the New Skool way of web site building is taking over the web?  There are many services that offer free (or low cost) instant web sites, with "Drag and Drop" functionality, "Does everything" and has you up and running in minutes!

The other side, the Old School way, of web site building requires some more time, a little more technical know how, and some real thought process.

Which is right for you?

Tags: Mura, New Skool, Old School, Free Services
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen
6. New Mura update broke my custom cfm pages!

But that is ok, I learned something new!
I don't know when the change came about, but I updated to the latest version 5.4.4599 and found that there is either a new file or a large change.  The file in question is:
[Site Directory]/includes/Application.cfc
I run a custom banner page so I can have those randomly generated images that you see above. Read more to find out the details and the little addition to get your pages running again and not showing Access Restricted.

Tags: Mura, Mura Updates
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen
7. Mura and an E commerce, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
Tags: Mura, Slatwall, E Commerce
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen
8. Help with Mura and Google Sitemap Plugin

Meld Solutions' Mura Google SiteMap Plugin works great!  But may need a little help.  There a re a few tedious steps to take to get it working, but it is work it.


Tags: Mura, Google Sitemap, Meld Solutions, Plug-in
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen
9. Some ColdFusion Stuff

Mura ColdFusion plugins, Mura Plugin Throwdown, and some potential plugins...

Tags: ColdFusion, Mura
By Stephen "Stick" Hazen

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