Mura - Why hasn't that been posted

  • Feb 2, 2011

After several years using Mura it should have been obvious to have more posts about Mura.

Today Blue River Interactive Group, Inc. released Mura 5.4 and you can read the original post.

Here are my thoughts and notes.

  • Change Sets - Anything that can be done is a set is good in my book
  • Import/Export of Site Bundles - To use the quote "This one is huge!" this is awsome, and really cool, especially for the many content admins that I support.
  • New Mobile-Optimized Output - Oh, this is great! Glad to see the mobile integration
  • New Mura CMS Themes - I have been looking for new themes, especially new themes to build from!
  • Static HTML Export - I have yet to find a good use for this, but I think this is cool.... need to find out if it will do individual pages.
  • Remote Session Object - Currently testing this, and will know more later, but it looks promissing.
  • HTML Foot Queue - Oh, this is a nice touch!
  • HTML 5 Templates - Though this is transistional, It would have been great if there was a HTML 5 version Merced only theme.  ie Merced and MercedHTML5, two seperate themes
  • CKFinder - Oh, this is one of my favorite items. I use the sitemanager a lot becuase i use my sites on so many computers, that FTP is not a perfect answer.  Is it me or is it faster than the original Mura version? Oh, and the thumbnail view is extreamly helpful!
  • Improved URL Filtering Options -  Though I have not had many issues with the current readability of the URLs, this is a nice touch.
  • New Admin Design and Functionality - This is really cool and I like the new look and feel.  I didn't mind the Yellow, but then then new color sceheme is good too!

And the say it the best "Mura CMS 5.4 is the best version of Mura CMS ever - faster, more powerful, easier to use and more feature-rich."