New Theme and Mura 6

  • Mar 3, 2013
  • Mura Updates, Mura customizations, Mura, Mura 6

After a whole weekend the new theme has been applied.  The MuraBootstrap theme was a real change from Mura 5.6 and previous themes.  A lot of added functionality and some very cool affects.  The list of nice additions:

  • When going from logged in and getting the admin bar the site content automatically shifts down for usability.  The previous theme had an issue where the navigation was on the very top.  After admin login the Mura bar covered the navigating.  It made front end navigation difficult while being a content administrator.
  • Content management is easier and less complicated.  There is a lot less scrolling up and down.  The navigation of items moved to the left makes things it easier.  The basic tab really has just the basics
    • This allows for something my clients have wanted for a long time.  Letting certain people to only have access to the Title and Content.  They can't change the location, included in navigation, or to display.
    • The basics, Title, Associated Image, Summary, and Content... just the basics.
  • Mobile functionality is just amazing!
  • In-Place editing.  Editing directly on the page, or doing full editing.
  • MuraBootstrap graphic elements.
  • Image resize and picking it right after upload! Oh so nice!
  • There is a nice list on the Mura web site, but these were the ones that made the most impact.

Some customizations that were made.

Wrote a little query to get the top 6 tags.  Not sure if this was the right way of doing it, but I didn't find it on the Mura Forums.


select top 5 tag, COUNT(tag) AS tagcount
from tcontenttags
where siteID = 'kcits'
group by tag
order by tagcount DESC

Looping through the query and allowing for the special editing for the first and last class changes.

<cfloop query="top5sitetags">
    <cfset LoopCount = LoopCount + 1>
    <cfif LoopCount EQ "1">
      <li class="first-child"><a href="#$.createHref(filename='search-results')#tag/#tag#" class="last-child first-child">#tag#</a></li>
    <cfif LoopCount GTE "2" AND LoopCount LTE "5">
      <li><a href="#$.createHref(filename='search-results')#tag/#tag#" class="last-child first-child">#tag#</a></li>
    <cfif LoopCount EQ "6">
      <li class="first-child"><a href="#$.createHref(filename='search-results')#tag/#tag#" class="last-child first-child">#tag#</a></li>

This allows the creation of the Top tags in the footer.  There is an addition that was used prior to Mura 6.  The creation of a search results page.  This was used from the other addition of the search results showing up on their own page.  There was a Mura Forum post a long time ago that went through these steps.  I really think this should be a default functionality because when you look at your site's analytics you can see exactly how many searches have been made and what people have been searching for!

The last item is the Modal window, though it is not currently being used on the site, it is very cool!