Some ColdFusion Stuff

  • Jan 20, 2010
  • ColdFusion, Mura
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen

Here are a few cool ColdFusion items of interest.

  • The Latest Tweets plugin allows you to easily display your last few tweets from your public twitter timeline in your Mura content using a simple tag syntax.
  • Mura Plugin Throwdown Show the world your Mura Plugin creating chops! It's high time the ColdFusion community showed off the awesome power of the Mura platform and the incredibly flexible plugin architecture. Submit plugins by January 30, 2010!Mura Plugin Throwdown
  • This would be great in Mura! reCAPTCHA
  • Raymond Camden dose some great work and Canvas ColdFusion Wiki would be great in Mura also.
  • Soundings is already a plugin for Mura, and it is another Raymond Camden product.
  • Lighthouse Pro, yes another Raymond Camden product, but would this be a good plugin for Mura.