Mura Training Terms, Conditions, and About

By using the Mura Training section of the web site you understand all images and/or content are owned by or Blue River (developers of Maura CMS).  You are using this content as is and can not hold any party liable.  The content was correct to the best of knowledge at the time of posting.  Using, installing, and/or managing one or more Maura sites, you are agreeing to the Maura terms and agreements found on their web site and in their Maura CMS install files.

The structure of this material is very linear.  It goes through each piece of the Mura administration and content management, basically in a left to right format when looking at the dashboard after you log in.  It also use the drill down methodology.  This should also be helpful to you when you are experiencing an issue on your own site.

If you do find any issues, or would like more explanation on any given area, there are comment sections under each page.  If you want to contribute, please start with the comments forms or you can Contact Us directly.


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