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August 19, 2019
Open-source Intervalometerator helps DIYers create inexpensive remote time-lapse DSLRs

Sydney-based coder Greig Sheridan and his photographer partner Rocky have introduced Intervalometerator, an open-source intervalometer designed for deploying inexpensive remote time-lapse systems involving Canon DSLRs, Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware. The system is ideal for DIYers seeking an inexpensive alternative to existing remote time-lapse systems.

According to the Sheridan’s ‘Intvlm8r’ website, the open-source intervalometer system can be used with a battery and solar panel remotely, in addition to ‘on-grid’ for less remote setups. The intervalometer was designed for the Canon 6D, 60D, and 600D models, Sheridan told PetaPixel, but the duo hopes ‘that over time other models and brands will be tested and found compatible too -- it relies on gPhoto to talk to the camera.’

The Intervalometerator can be set up with Web access for remote control and is fully configurable, enabling users to choose the full camera settings, select the time/day when images are captured and interval. The software’s interface, a demonstration of which is available here, includes information on battery level, captured images, remaining storage, the time and date of the last image, as well as when the next shot will be captured and the camera hardware in use.

In addition to having a low power requirement of less than 1mA, the Intervalometerator can also automatically recover in the case of a temporary power loss. Sheridan estimates the Intervalometerator’s cost, excluding the protective housing, mount, and camera, at around $242. That is substantially cheaper than competing commercially available systems; the Titan2 Remote time-lapse box with solar power for DSLRs, for example, costs $4,700 USD.

Sheridan details the project on his blog and has shared the code on Github.

August 19, 2019
Yongnuo announces updated EF-mount 35mm F1.4 lens with ultrasonic motor

Yongnuo has announced its new YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM, a second-generation full-frame lens for Canon’s EF mount.

This new lens features the same optical construction (eleven elements in nine groups with a seven-blade aperture diaphragm) and outward appearance Yongnuo’s original YN35mm F1.4 MC lens. What’s new is the addition of an Ultrasonic Wave Motor (UWM).

Below are a few sample images captured with the lens:

Yongnuo hasn’t listed the price of the lens, which is set to ship in Q4 2019, but its predecessor currently retails for $378 (Adorama, B&H). It’s likely this new lens would replace the older model for roughly the same price.

Update (August 19, 2019): Updated article to clarify the Micro USB port was present on the first version of Yongnuo's 35mm F1.4 lens as well.

August 19, 2019
Motorola One Action comes with ultra-wide action cam and affordable price tag

Ultra-wide cameras are a wide-spread feature among the current crop of Android phones but Motorola's new One Action is taking a slightly different approach to most of its competitors. The brand new device's ultra-wide camera has been designed to work predominantly as a GoPro-style action camera.

The 16MP camera has a field-of-view of 117 degrees (approximately 13mm equivalent focal length) and is installed vertically which means you can also hold the phone vertically while recording horizontal video for better control. Footage is recorded at 1080p resolution and electronic image stabilization should smooth out even bumpy sports action,

The main camera features a 12MP sensor with 1.25µm pixel size and F1.8 aperture. A PDAF system is used for focusing and in video mode 4K clips can be recorded at 30 frames per second. The triple-camera setup is completed by a 5MP depth camera for the simulated bokeh effect.

Other specs fall firmly into the mid-range category. The Android OS is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9609 processor and 4GB of RAM. 128GB of storage are quite generous for a device in this class and the battery offers a 3,500 mAh capacity. Images and videos can be viewed on a 6.3-inch FHD+ 21:9 display with a hole-punch design for the front camera.

The Motorola One Action will be available starting today in Brazil, Mexico, and some countries in the Euro zone for €259 ($287). Motorola says the device will be available in more regions across Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and will arrive in the US and Canada in October as an unlocked version.

August 19, 2019
ProGrade launches Refresh Pro, a program for monitoring and ‘refreshing’ your memory cards

ProGrade Digital has launched Refresh Pro, a new program designed to monitor the health of specific ProGrade Digital memory cards and refresh your card’s performance to factory new condition.,’ according to ProGrade Digital.

The software, available for both macOS and Windows computers, works with all of ProGrade Digital’s memory card readers and all cards that feature the ‘R’ logo on the front, as shown in the below image.

When a compatible card reader and memory card are used with Refresh Pro, the program will use a three-color status indicator (green, yellow, red) to denote how healthy the card is: green is a healthy card while red is one more at risk for failure. ProGrade Digital clarifies within the software the Refresh Pro looks for ‘key attributes of your card’s use history to determine how much life is remaining before you reach design limits.’ It goes on to say ‘If your card has less than 10% remaining life, you should consider replacing it soon.’

On the refreshing front, ProGrade Digital says the program will ‘clean up the way data is stored to your card to ensure it’s optimized for the highest performance.’ ProGrade Digital suggests running a ‘Refresh’ regularly to keep the card operating at its best.

Refresh Pro is available to download with a perpetual license for Mac OSX 10.8 and higher and Windows 10 for $29.99. You can find out more information and download the program on ProGrade Digital’s website.

August 19, 2019
Sigma 45mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary gallery updated

We first got our hands on Sigma's full-frame 45mm F2.8 while covering the lens' launch in Japan back in July. We recently took delivery of a copy here in Seattle, and we've updated our initial gallery accordingly, with plentiful new samples shot on the Sony a7R III. Check out our updated sample gallery via the link below.

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