Site Bundle - Includes All Content Possibilities

  • Feb 27, 2012
  • Stephen "Stick" Hazen

The site budle is availble on the Mura web site [Here].


This Site Bundle tries to contain all possible Content Objects with the three different column layouts. It also includes pages with a bunch of types, lists, tables and various formatting. A 404 page and a custom Search results page. This can be largely helpful with theme development.

After hours and hours of building themes and deploying them, to then find out that some combination of Page Layout and Content Object don't look right.  Instead of fixing it after the fact you can use this site bundle of content to be proactive.

Release Notes

This is the first release and an initial test. Future releases will attempt to include more possibilities, and other layouts.


Free to use, the images are Copyrighted and owned by Stephen "Stick" Hazen.


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